Toro Tyrk

BGP Awards Winners

Last saturday, June 2nd, a party took place in Attack Club, in Madrid, where the best, newest and hottest people in Spanish and [...]
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Are you ready for new season? Watch now in exclusive the new Hardkinks Photoshoot, this year with models: Isaac Eliad, Lucas Costa, Max Toro, [...]
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VIDEO: Making Off Hardkinks ’15 Photoshoot by Joan Crisol

Finally the ‘making off’, Have fun guys, pictures coming tomorrow! [...]
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Hardkinks Third Anniversary

It’s been 3 years since we rented a tape camera, bought a small light and made our first movie in Attack Club with [...]
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Last saturday pictures!

Last Saturday at 8 Anniversary in Odarko Club Madrid. Amazing night with Martin Mazza & Toro Tyrk! [...]
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Coming this week: FISTING THE SLAVE

FISTING THE SLAVE is coming this week at starring Toro Tyrk & Khalel. Toro Tyrk makes his comeback to put Khalel on his knees. Prepare [...]
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Coming this week: FIST PIG

FIST PIG is coming this week at Get ready for the most intense and wild Hardkinks’ meeting. Newcomer Toro Tyrk dominates our new dirty [...]
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Recording our first FF movie

Time to explore new practices, this Pride’s week we’ll be recording a bunch of new scenes and believe us, they are gonna be [...]
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