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SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER from 10pm to 5am – Attack Club Madrid C/ Olivar 22

Get ready for a unique experience: Techno + Fetish + Action + Sex + Hunks meets at KINK.



Imagine a place where everything is possible, where you can fulfill all your fantasies, and where the pleasure is all that matters.

DRESS CODE: Leather, Rubber, Military, Uniforms, Sportswear, Skinhead look, Masks, Underwear or Naked.

PVP 10€ at door. Admission includes 1 drink + gift coupon Premium 15 days. Before 00h, 2 drinks.

Spectrum Code (Basement – Dungeon)

You had not experienced anything like it. There is another masquerade. Spectrum Code is a game of darkness and possession.

Rules are clear and not everyone can participate. The atmosphere is completely different than usual, starting with everyone to access the area of the cave, take all masks and lighting will dim so you can unleash your perversions.


The cave will become a closed dungeon, which may only enter those willing to play, we will not accept onlookers. The “Spectre” dictates the rules and bind those who want to be possessed, so the tops can make full use of your bodies.


Tops: Black pants, fetish, or naked.

Versatile / Bottoms: Jockstrap or fetish, + bow at the neck with the following code:

Red tie: I can be used in any way without limits.

Green ribbon: Safe sex, but I want to be used to the fullest.

White tie: I always prefer quiet and safe sex.

Everyone who wants to participate in the cavewill have to wear the mask and can ask to enter the cave.


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